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Chiang Rai Thai Restaurant

Savor the vibrant spices and aromas of


street cuisine

Chiang Rai about us

Chiang Rai is exactly why you don't judge a book by its cover. You could easily walk by its generic-looking facade, but that would be such a shame indeed. Inside, it's delightfully quirky and colorful with a contemporary vibe. And then there's the food. There is a lengthy Thai menu spotlighting Northern specialties and street food, but skip straight to the Chiang Rai Local Food portion and order away.



The kitchen caters to the American palate, so if you're a heat seeker don't be shy about speaking up. Khao soi, a classic northern Thai curry, is given a twist here with thin slices of raw ribeye over thin egg noodles. Hot soup is then ladled over it to gently cook the tender meat while delivering a depth of flavor for a supremely satisfying meal. 

Thai Cuisine Set
Thai Cuisine Set
Thai Cuisine Set

Welcome to Chiang Rai Thai street food,

where we're dedicated to bringing the vibrant and bold flavors of Thai street food to your table. We've hand-picked our recommended dishes to give you a taste of the best that our menu has to offer.

Recommended Dishes
Image by BP Miller
Chaing Rai Thai Steet Food

Taste the true flavors of Thailand

at our street food haven

Contact us Chiang Rai Thai Restaurant

3832 E Anaheim st. , Long Beach, CA, United States, California

Mon - Closed

Tue - Sun  

11:30 AM - 2:30 PM

4:00 PM - 9:00 PM​

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